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Watch MTV’s True Life Presents… Hip Hop Hustlers

Mark your calendars for Monday November 16, 2015 and tune in at 11 p.m.; MTV’s True Life will air a special series entitled Hip Hop Hustlers . This series will feature the talents of one of Atlanta’s most admired, mother-daughter teams; the gorgeous yet successful business woman/model/entrepreneur Jamilah Rouse, and her extremely talented and beautiful daughter, Ms. Tyler Royale.

This docu-series will follow the lives of up and coming recording artists, making their rounds, through out Hot-lanta’s incredible music industry. Business/Entrepreneur and Model Jamilah Rouse, is mom-anger to recording artist Tyler Royale.

According to PR Log

This one-hour docu-series follows a group of up and coming hip-hop artists as they navigate their music careers in Atlanta. But this group of friends isn’t doing it on their own, their “Mom-agers” and “Dad-agers” are the ones really calling the shots. Follow the drama of their relationships, hookups, and breakups, all while their over-the-top families sacrifice everything for dreams of stardom.

Together, this mother-daughter duo is on a mission to make it big in the music industry and they won’t take no for an answer. See how their story unfolds on MTV’s True Life Presents: Hip Hop Hustlers which airs November 16th at 11pm. Check out the talented Ms. Tyler Royale, in action, as she nails the Star Spangled Banner below.

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