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Troy Vent’s 99.9 FM is Da Plug

Music Media Mogul Troy Vent is Da Plug, literally. A few years ago Mr.Vent made a power move landing owner/partnership of a major Digital Media Company resulting in 99.9 FM Da Plug. Mr. Vent is no stranger to the music industry and worked with some of the hottest artists in hiphop/rap today. Some of his most noted efforts stem from well documented interviews featured in Source Magazine, earlier career ties that landed him on BET’s 106th and Park; not to mention well known ties to the Slip and Slide label. Originally, a resident of Florida, Mr. Vent now resides in Birmingham, and is ready to get the city plugged.

He has managed to connect with some of the hams hottest DJ’s and Popular personalities. As aforementioned in prior post, DJ EJ and DJ Cuzzo are two of the ham’s hottest DJ’s. It was also mentioned that DJ’s are the gateway to music. They are usually gifted with a great ear. Recently, Troy Vent’s 99.9 Da Plug, added both Dj EJ and Dj Cuzzo to the Monday and Wednesday night mix, not to mention the Birmingham Tea Show, hosted by none other than Jeffrey Rowser himself. Da Plug app can be down loaded from any app store, as well as google play free of charge. Mr. Vent is is looking for local artist to get air time on his nationally syndicated digital show and even went live via facebook looking for talent to feature last night. Follow Troy Vent now and download Da Plug asap. Check out their ranking now as it adds up to other stations below.


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