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Tazz Coron3 Releases New Album And Featured In New Movie After Being Shot In A Robbery

Tazz Coron3

Southern Rapper Tazz Coron3 is delivering a hardcore message about life….

OCT 28, 2016 (Birmingham, AL) – The highly anticipated EP GORILLA GRIND is scheduled to be released this Friday, Oct.28, 2016. This EP will contain three singles: “Dope”, “How I Feel” and “I Can’t Believe It.” This album is filled with great story telling but from an urban perspective. Tazz wants you to take this journey with him, as he was able to complete his biography through real life lyrics full of metaphors and punch lines. Tazz wants to leave his listeners with a diehard message of street truth and raw knowledge. After years of being deemed as “tha hood recording artist” that was trying to make it or making beats for various artists…Tazz says, “It’s time to focus on me!” This project is 99% Tazz Coron3! He produced the beats, did the recordings himself and then mixed his own tracks. His commitment to sharpening his craft is a prime example of his level of dedication to his music.

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Tazz is on a serious mission to speak the truth about his life as it pertains to crime and violence. In 2002, Tazz ended up on Atlanta’s Most Wanted GBI list for drugs, robbery and aggravated assault. Just last year, the tables were turned when Tazz was robbed at gun point at his home. The robber took $200 dollars and proceeded to shoot Tazz as he fled away. Despite various setbacks and struggles, Tazz has continued to build his music catalog over the last couple years with other music projects slated to be released this Fall.
This year, Tazz made his acting debut in the 2016 independent film, Triple Cross. Tazz is featured in the movie with Curtis Snow, former Atlanta stickup kid and D-boy who became famous for his pseudo-docudrama, Snow on tha Bluff. Snow and Tazz come from similar backgrounds which helped to create a genuine bond between the two. Curtis Snow will be making a cameo appearance in two of Tazz’s upcoming music videos this Fall. For more information on and to listen to Tazz Coron3’s music, visit his website at jackmoveent.com

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