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Comedian Mike Epps Clowned FunkMaster Flex’s Crying Live (Video)

Comedian Mike Epps, is hilarious; so it should come as no surprised that he would jump at the opportunity clown any foolery. Speaking of fools, FunkMaster Flex’s most recent series of rants aimed at the legendary deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. The hip hop community, didn’t take kindly to it, and instantly went on a roast FunkMaster Flex rampage. One of the most hilarious video’s to poke fun at the Hot 97 DJ was this video that Mike Epps released; where he reenacted the crying scene of Flex’s last live video posting.

It seems that Funkmaster Flex himself had to laugh at this video; According to Hot New Hip Hop,
“It turns out Flex himself is a fan of Epps’ spot-on impersonation, as he reposted the #PunkFlexChallenge video on his Instagram.”

Check out the hilarious video below...

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