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Press Release…Street Fame Entertainment Presents….Drippn by Ripcord BamaBoy


Birmingham, ALabama…May 3,2017, Street Fame Entertainment’s CEO Ripcord Bamaboy has released a hot new club banger and is requesting the attention of all DJ’s, radio stations, blogs and music outlets; Predicted to be amongst the hottest tracks to grace the airways this summer; Drippn is the first single to drop off of the highly anticipated yet up and coming album entitled “The Ralph Davis Story”. The track’s saucy beat in addition to, the risque’rhyming skill of Ripcord certainly sets the tone for a major club banger.

The artist’s heavy heart, awesome tone, and unmatched stage presence, act...

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Hip Hop Bham Music Blog Joins B’ham Femcee’s (Nina Labelle and Ms. Carie) In Studio Session….

As I am sure you all have noticed; The Magic City ( Birmingham, Alabama) houses some of the best Femcee’s ever. Check out Real Rap Wives of B’ham’s own Nina LaBelle as she teams up with Free Will Records leading lady, the all so talented Ms. Carie. The two collaborated and spit bars of fire on this track. Hiphopbham was afforded the luxury of attending this hot recording session.


Just wanted to share a few pics and the track as it was laid down. The track is entitled “Life Without”. It jacks the beat of Chris Brown’s Grass Ain’t Greener; and these two ladies represented to the fullest. Check out the finished product now. For more hiphop updates follow @hiphopbham, via Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and subscribe to my youtube channel now. Like us via facebook ...

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Diamond Life’s ENT Presents I’m Tired By Goldmouth…Directed by Lil Juan Alejandro

 Diamond Life’s Ceo James GoldMouth Collins just linked up with one of the city’s hottest media moguls , none other than Get Music Media’s Ceo/ Videography, Lil Juan Alejandro for the video production of one of the hottest tracks featured on his first album Ghetto Gumbo.  (Side Note) If you’ve not explored  Ghetto Gumbo 2,  then you’re slipping, just click the link to listen to that one as well. The track is entitled, “I’m Tired”;  (Side Note),this song is so appropriate and gives great description to my frame of thought most of the time. GoldMouth is genius in conveying and delivering this emotion and message by way of song. This is what music is supposed be all about; the art of expression...

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Tazz Coron3 Releases New Album And Featured In New Movie After Being Shot In A Robbery

Tazz Coron3

Southern Rapper Tazz Coron3 is delivering a hardcore message about life….

OCT 28, 2016 (Birmingham, AL) – The highly anticipated EP GORILLA GRIND is scheduled to be released this Friday, Oct.28, 2016. This EP will contain three singles: “Dope”, “How I Feel” and “I Can’t Believe It.” This album is filled with great story telling but from an urban perspective. Tazz wants you to take this journey with him, as he was able to complete his biography through real life lyrics full of metaphors and punch lines. Tazz wants to leave his listeners with a diehard message of street truth and raw knowledge...

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New Music….Mananitas by Louie Rae (L-Rae) (Sponsored)

Born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago Illinois, L-Rae is emerging to become one of the most prominent MC’s to blossom from the Midwest Region. His substance filled lyrics are complemented by his Latin slang which is a sound that hasn’t been heard since Cypress Hill was a relevant force in the hip-hop era. L-Rae seems to be quietly gaining a strong fan base of solid hip-hop listeners who value dope beats and nice rhymes. Follow @hiphopbham via instagram, periscope, pinterest, twitter, and soundcloud. Like us on facebook

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New Music…Labeled by Souleye

Souleye is known for evoking motivation through every verse and rhyme. With his new single, Souleye motivates listeners to filter your thoughts and to reduce negativity and judgement. “Labeled” is intended for anyone who has ever felt judged by someone before even getting a chance to say hi. Souleye’s steady rap flow and down tempo beat reflects the familiar sounds of old school hip-hop. Follow Souleye via Soundclound, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Follow @hiphopbham via Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, and Soundcloud; and like us on facebook

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Press Release…Blue The Greatest… New In The Game & Coming Hard Right Now !!! (Sponsored)

Texas upcoming spitta Blue The Greatest has been through it all in real life. Stunting is a lifestyle from having the best in cars, clothes and jewelry, Blue sports it all… Messing around in these streets with fake people brought the laws into his life early, and took him out the picture fast. Now Blue The Greatest is back on the scene and linked with Teddy C Money to get on top, the right way. Blue’s 1st record for the streets titled “Come For You” depicts a real live event that happened while on his grind. With a raw video, Blue The Greatest lets the world in on a piece of his story which landed him in prison for 4 years. Follow Blue The Greatest on his journey to the top & watch the music video below !!! Follow @hiphopbham via instagram, twitter, periscope, pinterest, and soundcloud...

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Press Release…Itz True Entertainment Presents Sno A1 Yoda

Sno A1 Yoda, a.k.a. Byron Tanniehill, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, between the Pratt City, and Riley neighborhoods. He is one of the rappers of the No Luv Mafia, and has recorded solo projects like My Turn, Welcome to Birmingham (Ch.1-3), and 2 Real 4 TV. In real life, he was a college graduate, and two-time convicted felon. He currently president, and
founder of his own business and brand, Itz True Ent. Born in the early 80’s not much else is
known about his age.

 Sno A.K.A Yoda

A LEADER is some one who has the ability to inspire others to achieve tasks and goals that they might not other wise be capable of reaching…… A HUSTLER is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it...

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New Music…LuxFlowz – “White Iverson” Smoker’s REMIX ft.JayBlaze

Check out this new music by new artist LuxFlowz. The track is entitled “White Iverson’s Smoker’s remix. It features JayBlaze. Listen to the hot track below.

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New Rapper Mr. Dot Young’s Interviews With Hip-Hop Bham

Happy Friday Hiphopbhammer’s. Hip-Hop B’ham was so graciously bestowed with the honor of conducting a formal interview with a new indie artist by the Mr. Dot Young. Check out the interview below.

First and Foremost Hip Hop B’ham would like to say thanks for selecting our platform to conduct your interview.

Q.When did you decide that you wanted to become an artist?

A. Well I started making beats around 8th grade going into High School. I would send a few beats to kids that rapped here and there but, they’d never use them. I then stopped making Hip-hop and went into EDM instead. A few years later in 10th grade,I was in my room studying while listening to ‘Figaro’ by Madvillian(MF DOOM and Madlib album).I started saying the words to the song and I caught the vibe...

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