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FunkMaster Flex Claims Tupac Shot Himself…Calls Him A Liar

All hell broke loose yesterday on social media when Hot 97’s Dj FunkMaster Flex went in on Tupac during his live video. He stated that Tupac was a liar and accused him of shooting himself, and being afraid to share who actually shot him. He even blamed Tupac for the death of himself and Biggie claiming that Tupac started the entire beef by lying on Biggie. Celebrities and fans are outraged at his behavior. Rapper T.I. advised him that he shouldn’t speak on the dead because, that are not here to defend themselves, while other celebs like radio personality Charlamagne took no time chiming in on him. Charlamagne reminded everyone who Flex really is. Check out the footage now. Follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Twitter, on all other social media and subscribe to my youtube channel now.


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Hip Hop Bham Music Blog Joins B’ham Femcee’s (Nina Labelle and Ms. Carie) In Studio Session….

As I am sure you all have noticed; The Magic City ( Birmingham, Alabama) houses some of the best Femcee’s ever. Check out Real Rap Wives of B’ham’s own Nina LaBelle as she teams up with Free Will Records leading lady, the all so talented Ms. Carie. The two collaborated and spit bars of fire on this track. Hiphopbham was afforded the luxury of attending this hot recording session.


Just wanted to share a few pics and the track as it was laid down. The track is entitled “Life Without”. It jacks the beat of Chris Brown’s Grass Ain’t Greener; and these two ladies represented to the fullest. Check out the finished product now. For more hiphop updates follow @hiphopbham, via Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and subscribe to my youtube channel now. Like us via facebook ...

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New Music….My Belvedere by Rocki

Birmingham, Alabama, has been coined “The Magic City”-an rightfully so. Armed with tremendous amounts of talents, and mounds of opportunity, anything is possible. One of the most intriguing attributes of the city is it’s ties to music and the world of hip-hop. Check out this hot new track from Birmingham’s Own, femcee Rocki. The track is entitled My Belvedere Follow Rocki via soundcloud now. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Featuring Rapper Nate Grizzy….. New Single “Cop Out”

Nate Grizzy hails from the east side of Cleveland better known as “Tha Land”. Cleveland is home to an astounding number of housing projects occupied by gangs, drugs and violence. These elements of the streets are brought to life in his content and lyrical word play. At a young age Nate was putting together songs on paper in hopes of making his dreams come true. His influences also include Jay-Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Jeezy, Jada Kiss and Lil’ Wayne. In 2014 Grizzy relocated to Atlanta continuing his pursuit for a spotamongst Hip-Hop’s greatest. The highly anticipated EP “Str8 Out The Land” will place Nate Grizzy on the radar of Hip-Hop fans who are in search of something new for 2016...

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New Music…. PaperBoy ENT Presents Hold On Baby by Microphone A.K.A MIC (sponsored)

Check out this hot new track. Presented by PaperBoy ENT,the track is entitled “Hold On Baby” by Rapper Microphone a.k.a MIC. Rapper Microphone a.k.a MIC stuns with his catchy yet captivating tone, on this hot new club banger. The Mount Vernon, New York rapper represents his roots to the depths with this hot new track. Reaching new heights with his cocky phrases and risque’ rhyming, Rapper Mic, is lyrically a beast. Check out his hot new track below and follow him on social media now. For more PaperBoy ENT updates follow @PAPERBOYENT2315 and @A_NEW_ERA90 via twitter,Follow CUZON on Instagram, Follow PAPERBOYENT914 via reverbnation and soundcloud. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via instagram, pinterest, periscope, reverbnation, soundcloud and twitter. Like Hiphopbham on facebook now.

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