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Check Out Atlanta/Artist Producer Legendary West’s…. Thank You God Mixtape (Sponsored)

Per Description via AudioMack ,  Formally Known as Young Grip, Atlanta Artist/Producer Legendary West brings to you the highly anticipated mixtape Thank You God. This mixtape showcases Legendarys growth as an artist and producer, it features songs and covers from 2009-2016 with new, old and unreleased material from Legendary West. Thank You God represents the birth and reincarnation from boy to man. Please note this mixtape is entirely for PROMTIONAL USE ONLY, AND ALL RIGHTS GOES TO THE PRODUCERS, WRITERS AND SINGERS ETC. Make sure to follow Legendary West Twitter @1legendarywest and Instagram @legendarywest contact via email

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New Music…Cue Trax – Diamond District (Sponsored)

Check out this hot new music. Cue Trax-Diamond Distric. Follow @cuetrax via Twitter. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

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Check out Trap Maniacs Now….(Sponsored)

The Hottest EP Series Distributed… Since DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz !!!

Trap Maniacs LLC, in conjunction with Game Tight Media Group Inc. has announced the production for a series of various artist EP’s.

Bearing the name of his popular street mix-tape series, Trap Maniacs is the debut EP series by Hip Hop artist DJ Cam Loco now distributed by GTMG/INgrooves. With Trap Maniacs Vol. 1 circulating the streets major, DJ Cam Loco is preparing a mass marketed follow-up titled Trap Maniacs Vol. 2, breaking The HOTTEST Artists In The Streets Today.

The Trap Maniacs EP series is a promotional platform for artists and their hottest song.

GTMG/INgrooves, the official distribution partner has announced National Distribution With Marketing targeting 5 million consumer impressions.

Trap Maniacs Vol...

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B’ham Music Blog and Hip Hop B’ham Presents Up Close and Personal with Kastro

B’ham Music Blog and Hip Hop B’ham joined forces to get Up Close and Personal with Free Will Record’s Recording Artist, Kastro. Kastro was interviewed by myself, (in case you all didn’t know Kaneshia Kelly), Kastro is a star in his own right; a conscious story teller who embodies a multifaceted street demeanor, with a very laid back persona.

The rapper elaborated about, artists that inspired him, the NFL Project, and his up and coming album. The album is entitled “Up Close and Personal”, and the first single off the album is “Always On the Grind”. Checkout the interview below; please feel free to like, comment and share, share, share. For more updates, follow @hiphopbham on all social media. Want to grab hiphopbham’s attention #hiphopbham.

Check out Always on the G...

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Featuring… Agueybana X (Sponsored)

Question: What is the Ill Philosophy?

Answer: My friends and I forever get into discusions about the state of hip hop and the
anti-intellectual atmosphere that is consistantly promoted. It seems like nothing is sacred anymore and
people will do anything for a rise. I had stopped making music in 2002 because I refused to fall into the
trap of getting into gimmicks and negative stereotypes. I was supposed to be some hip hop cowboy gangsta
thing; well to make a long story short, I refused to do this gimmick and was told I will never make it in
the business…

in 2014, a rapper (who I wont mention) came out with a song and video using Native American imagery, war bonets
and clothing. I am into native spirituality, and like most Native Americans, we were deeply offended by the song
and video...

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Press Release…Itz True Entertainment Presents Sno A1 Yoda

Sno A1 Yoda, a.k.a. Byron Tanniehill, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, between the Pratt City, and Riley neighborhoods. He is one of the rappers of the No Luv Mafia, and has recorded solo projects like My Turn, Welcome to Birmingham (Ch.1-3), and 2 Real 4 TV. In real life, he was a college graduate, and two-time convicted felon. He currently president, and
founder of his own business and brand, Itz True Ent. Born in the early 80’s not much else is
known about his age.

 Sno A.K.A Yoda

A LEADER is some one who has the ability to inspire others to achieve tasks and goals that they might not other wise be capable of reaching…… A HUSTLER is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it...

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New Music…Young King Riplee “2 Wayz”

The one and only Young King Riplee dropped his first video, from his latest album (“No Pretending”) that was released earlier this year, on Street Brilliance Music Group. On his song “2 Wayz” Young King Riplee drops knowledge on us warning about the perils that going on in the street, and letting us know at the same time that “Getting money never gets old”. Although King Rip is not one of the most lyrical artist that I have heard in a while he is one of the artist that seem to talk about what he knows from first hand experience...

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New Music…Juice 205 and Nick Flame Samples Jumpman

Birmingham’s own hip-hop artists Juice Gotti and Nick Flame, have managed to record their very own mix to Drake and Future’s hot new club banger. This track is entitled “Jumpman“. Check out the hot new track. Comment, like and share.

Follor Juice 205 via soundcloud

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    Predi Boi Slim…New Booty

    Check out new music from Birmingham’s own Predi Boi Slim. This hot new track is entitled New Booty. 

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    CrimHeel Entertainment Presents… Days of The Last

    The label, CrimHeel Entertainment presents a new single. The new single is entitled, Days of the Last. Available 9/11/15 on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.


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