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FunkMaster Flex Calls Tupac A Liar, Blames Him For The Death Of Biggie Then Cries Live

As aforementioned in prior post entitled, FunkmMaster Flex, one of FunkMaster Flex’s notorious rants, has landed him hot water again. In addition to the hosting a live video where he accuses the late great Tupac Shakur of being a scary liar, who shot himself, and started a full out turf war by lying on Biggie. He further stated that had Pac been honest about the situation at hand that Big would still be alive. Watch it here.

The Hot 97 DJ’s rants were unwarranted, had negative bearing on the hip-hop community. Rapper TI was amongst the first to check Flex about his claims and even informed him not to speak on the dead. While, TI addressed him in a calm yet respectful manner; Flex was not afforded the same respect from other rappers...

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