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Super Dope Artist Alert: Photo Slim “Pray” Directed Lil Juan Alejandro

Here lies explanation behind Birmingham being coined the Magic City; just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all in the city; viola like magic, up pops a Super Dope MC. A story teller in his own right not to mention a lyricist; this artist is most comparable to J. Cole. Photo Slim is his name. This artist is one of the dopest ever to grace the City of Birmingham, hands down.  Versatile in statue, yet nice with rhyming;  The “Hibachi” artist’s versatility allowed him to deliver in song, what many parents, teachers, guardians, pastors and even politicians fail short of;  an that is- his ability to stir emotion; feelings of frustration, pain, sorrow and even anger, at the endless amounts of bull that plague most of us within the inner city; his lyrics in song, devastates, while his message captivates,  and the chorus of this song  surely motivates.  It was once well written,  “music is what feelings sound like”; I couldn’t agree more: Photo Slim’s delivery of this hot new track leaves a sense of hope.  The song is entitled “Pray”, and the lyrics spew a tale of prayer for the city. This song should be placed in heavy rotation on all radio stations, I couldn’t  think of one more appropriate and descriptive at this time. Check it out now.

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