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Sponsored: Press Release: 8 Remarkable Updates Vastly Improving PubHTML5’s Flipbook Software

PubHTML5 Presents: Central, HK, March 18, 2017: Jason Chen, CTO ( chief technology officer ) of PubHTML5, the free html5 publishing platform, has recently released an updated version of its ever popular flipbook software. The new Windows version 5.4.7 stands to fix major bugs while updating some great features; Many people ask the question; What is PubHTML5? A simple answer to the question at hand is, a 100% free software that acts as everything you need to easily publish captivating applications both on and off line. PubHTML5 has some great features like: it’s ability to act simple and fast, by allowing one to import pdf, and input text into images and video page editor to form a beautiful flipping book or magazine. This software can be accessed via the website http://pubhtml5.com/. An earlier version provided great services; however, there were a few bugs in need of repair. The newly updated free flipbook software has fixed the major bugs.

Here are 8 Remarkable Updates Vastly Improving Flipbook PubHTML5’s Flipbook Software:
• Fixed the bug of “cannot import the PDF files when the path of the file contains right to left language”. Now the background picture of flipbook can display in different positions: fill, fit, stretch and title. Optimize the load from output folder function.
• Now • Build responsive editions for any screen size
• Fixed the bug of “cannot highlight the search result of flipbook created by command line”
• Fixed the bug of “get nothing when publishing to local”
• Fixed the bug of “cannot display the thumbnails which saved by Animation Editor when reading local flipbook Internet Explorer Browser”
• New Feature: Alerts Users when they are using a large background image
• Fixed the bug of “possible display the image of the original template/project in the preview caption after changing the new template/project”.
• New Feature: Add title to flipbook when publishing it as Joomla plugin.

Per PubHTML5.com, “PUB HTML5 is one of the leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing software solutions. The company’s digital publishing software allows you to convert any printed material into a unique digital publication. Its innovative desktop publishing software allows you to deliver your content via the web, tablets, mobile devices, and social media channels. PUB HTML5 software is ideal to publish online magazines, catalogs, product catalogs, newspapers, business brochures, newsletters, corporate reports, annual reports, ebooks, event flyers, or any other type of multi-page printed material”. –End-

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