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SOHH First: Lil’ Zae’s “That’s My Bae” No rating results yet

Lil' Zae

Produced by SwiftOnTheBeat, Lil ‘Zae released his first single “That’s My Bae” off debut album No Regrets. Showcasing his vibrant talent, Lil’ Zae is known for his lyrical creativity and aggressiveness, but this time surprises everyone by showing another side to his artistry. This is a Summer’s athem for the ladies. “That’s My Bae”, with its catchy beat and hook, has caught the attention of many such as Dallas’s own Beat 97.9 DJ Kayotik.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow Lil’ Zae on:

Twitter: @thereallilzae

Instagram: @thereallilzae

Facebook: LilZae

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