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S.W.V. Features Model/Internet Heart-Throb Travis Cure In New Video (Ain’t No Man)

Happy Saturday Hip-hop B’hammer’s; This morning, I came across one of my favorite r&b singing groups, Sisters With Voices also known as S.W.V’s hot new video. The video was for their official new track entitled, “Ain’t No Man”. The song is awesome of course; but what was even more awesome is the story line and features of fine men throughout the duration of the video.

One fine man in particular grasped my immediate attention; it seems that S.W.V has been paying attention to all of the internet buzz, or maybe they’ve blessed with the ability to spot a fine man or ten. Travis Cure sat the internet on fire with a stream of instagram photos; however this one in particular commanded the attention of females worldwide.

model travis cure

Nevertheless, the group has featured model/internet heart-throb Travis Cure, in their new video. You can follow this fine chocolate sensation via instagram @travis.cure, and S.W.V. as well. Check out the hot new video below.

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