Rapper Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Star Gifts Baby Girl Khari “A Baby Bentley”

Rapper Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop Star Masika Kalyshia created quite the social media buzz this weekend. The two united and threw a baby bash out of this world for their little girl, Little Miss Khari Barbie. The theme was perfectly constructed as the pair chose Barbie frames, and created a star stellar event for their adorable one year old.

Masika and Fetty Snap it up with the adorable Khari Barbi

Khari Barbie’s star stella event proved to be a great success as the pair gifted the one year old with her very own Baby Bentley, had a cake fight, snapped it up in great photo booths; Fetty Wap even gave his daughter the first dance. Check out the hot footage now below. For more hip hop news, follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and youtube. Like us on facebook, and share, share, share this story now.

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