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New Music…Young King Riplee “2 Wayz”

The one and only Young King Riplee dropped his first video, from his latest album (“No Pretending”) that was released earlier this year, on Street Brilliance Music Group. On his song “2 Wayz” Young King Riplee drops knowledge on us warning about the perils that going on in the street, and letting us know at the same time that “Getting money never gets old”. Although King Rip is not one of the most lyrical artist that I have heard in a while he is one of the artist that seem to talk about what he knows from first hand experience. With his semi-highly vocal tone, rivaling a Boosie ( but in a different way) Young King Riplee gives us some real words of advice, “Get yo Money and get on nigga, Cuz ain’t no nigga gone help you get on nigga, You got to do this shit all on your own nigga, and keep them fuck Niggaz out yo home nigga”. Like I stated earlier in this piece Young King Riplee is not one of the most lyrical artist but he speaks to me still. Check him on on Instagram @IamKingRip, on Twitter @YoungRiplee and on his website at www.KingRip.com. Go pick up his newest album “No Pretendin” now..