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New Music…. PaperBoy ENT Presents Hold On Baby by Microphone A.K.A MIC (sponsored)

Check out this hot new track. Presented by PaperBoy ENT,the track is entitled “Hold On Baby” by Rapper Microphone a.k.a MIC. Rapper Microphone a.k.a MIC stuns with his catchy yet captivating tone, on this hot new club banger. The Mount Vernon, New York rapper represents his roots to the depths with this hot new track. Reaching new heights with his cocky phrases and risque’ rhyming, Rapper Mic, is lyrically a beast. Check out his hot new track below and follow him on social media now. For more PaperBoy ENT updates follow @PAPERBOYENT2315 and @A_NEW_ERA90 via twitter,Follow CUZON on Instagram, Follow PAPERBOYENT914 via reverbnation and soundcloud. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via instagram, pinterest, periscope, reverbnation, soundcloud and twitter. Like Hiphopbham on facebook now.

Listen to Hold On Baby by Rapper Microphone in MP3.