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New Artist Jill Records “We Matter”


Black History Month is the perfect time to celebrate our heritage. It is also a great time to showcase my latest project, “We Matter… Black Lives Matter”. With the recent deaths of our young black men, as a writer, I had to put my frustration and feelings on paper.

Living in Cali, I contacted a rapper and songwriter in New York.I began to put verses and rhymes down.Not only were they overflowing with content but very thought provoking. Make no mistake(seventy thirty) the rapper added his verses, with music.

His rapping was the ferocity of a Beast! He has natural aura that definitely spells stardom.
“We Matter” is the anthem of Black America speaking to white America. Although we are still mastering the sound, when this track is available, it’s going to blow the roof off. My name is Jill from Southern California. Check out this great song now.

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