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Naughty By Nature’s Treach Call’s His Ex-Wife Pepa “An Old School Rat”

Social media has really bridged the gap between celebs and their fans. However, social media has also become a platform for voices to be heard. Last night Instagram, Facebook and twitter was lit as one of hip-hop’s pioneers would be that voice. Rapper/Actor Treach of the legendary rap group Naughty By Nature slammed his ex-wife Pepa, (of the legendary group Salt-N-Pepa )via Instagram. All hell broke loose on Treach’s Instagram wall, as he posted a great photo of the two of them coupled up with a caption that read

the following; “THROWBACK THURSDAY, SOMEBODY TELL MY EX-WIFE THIS OLD SCHOOL RAT YOUR BOOK IS FULL OF LIES YOU PRESS WHORE, YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL TO A HELL HOLE, & PUT MY KIDS IN THE MIDDLE FOR RATINGS.., YOU KNOW YA FUCKED UP RIGHT LMFAO!!” It appears that the “Hip-Hop Hur-ray” rapper was upset over stories written in Pepa’s new book. He also expressed his content for Pepa attempting to take their under aged daughter Egypt into a night club on camera during a recording of the hit reality show, Growing Up Hip-Hop. The book is a tell all that has since landed Pepa on the list of best sellers. This outburst was just only the beginning check out the video to get a glimpse of the Treach’s full fledge rant. Like, share and comment.

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