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Madina ….. Hip Hop Celeb T-shirt Designer

Hip-Hop is not just a music genre; it is more or less a way of life. Image is everything in the world of hip-hop. Most hip-hop artist have three very important employee’s on their payroll; a manager, a stylist, and last but not least, a very talent hip-hop t-shirt designer. Yes, you read this correctly, A VERY TALENTED T-SHIRT DESIGNER.

While trolling the internet, I’ve manage to come across a hip-hop t-shirt designer to the celebs, by the name of Madina. According to Don’t Believe The Hype ,


“Madina, whose real name is Mark, just happens to be a very talented artist and is now the t-shirt designer of choice for many US top Rap artists. Over the last two years this image, and several others, has flown around the internet amassing 62k followers on Twitter and is now being worn by a who’s who of Rappers and Rap fans alike.”
The image boasts commemoration of an what Madina calls the golden era.

The golden era exists in hip-hop, in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The t-shirt design is unique and relatable all in the same; the design was inspired by the postal stamp and the hip-hop artist Chuck D; The T-shirt design places the most influential hip-hop/rap artist on postage stamp.

The concept appealed strongly to the hip-hop audience because, it gave life to the idea, that most hip-hop heroes exist on t-shirt, not to mention, it mocked the idea, of having to appear on postage stamps to be viewed heroism.

Madina for years has been the celebs best kept secret in the world of t-shirt design, and today, I decided to share that with you. Check out more of Madina’s work here.

Source: Don’t Believe The Hype

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