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Keyshia Cole Performs At The Birmingham Entertainment Center (BEC)

Last night was extremely eventful, as R&B/Hiphop recording artist Keyshia Cole performed, and packed the Birmingham Entertainment Center (BEC) . The DJ-EJ promoted event brought out some of the Ham’s, most noted who’s who. In attendance was, Mr. B’ham Tea Shop himself, The Rev. Doctor Jeffrey Rowser, Independant recording artist Tiffany Richardson Jackie Young Pj Brewster, Atlantis’ Jay Cooper, Angel Rose photography, and of course, myself representing Hip-Hop Bham.

Keyshia Cole  and DJEJ

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B’ham/ Woodlawn’s own,Young PJ Brewster kicked the event off and cranked the crowd with his hot track SlightWork, while hot new independent artist Tiffany Richardson a.k.a Queen, displayed blew the crowd away with her magnificent vocals, and highly energetic stage presence. Check out Queen’s performance.

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Upon arrival, Keyshia rushed passed us all,sporting a new blue hair-do, igniting the crowds anticipation, shortly before gracing the stage. The Last Night singer, who was once known as Keyshia Shunte’, gave a great audience engaged performance. While the performance, was short and sweet, Keyshia Cole held her own, proving to be, every bit of the round the way, down chic, that media has portrayed. Check out her performance.

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She performed several of her hit songs; like Love, and my own personal favorite, a throwback, I Changed My Mind. Check out some of the great footage from the performance. Video’s are courtesy of King Jaymes Sct and Robin Hoodz Gogetta .

[KGVID width=”400″ height=”400″]http://hiphopbham.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Video-9.mov[/KGVID]

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