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K.Michelle Friend Calls Her A Liar, Fake and Snatches Her Wig Off During A Fight

Singer K.Michelle is no stranger to drama. Last night’s episode of her VH1’s reality show entitled “My Life” shed light on a K.Michelle’s crazy mixed up love life. For the past few months, K.Michelle has been touring and making her rounds in the industry. The “Maybe I should Call” singer who also starred in VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, has been publicly captured with her new boo all over the blogs and social media. While K.Michelle appeared to be in a loving happy relationship with a man; she revealed last night that she likes to get drunk and in her own word, “have her hot pocket eaten by a female”.

Apparently her choice in women has not been much better than her choice in males, because her female friend revealed that she is in love with her, and insisted that K.Michelle had told her that she loved her as well. The female insisted that K.Michelle should leave her boyfriend and be with her. Once K.Michelle informed her that the incident didn’t occur as she recanted it, and that what she is demanding will never happen, all hell broke loose. Do you think K.Michelle is wrong for leading Melicia on? Please comment; Check out the footage below.

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