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Jay Z, Eminem, Drake, Beyoncé & More Make Billboard’s Top “Money-Makers” List

Jay Z

Music moguls Jay Z, Eminem, Drake, Beyoncé and more high-profile entertainers have all landed on publication Billboard’s new Money Makers List: Music’s Top Earner of 2014 list.

According to reports, the list is compiled from artists’ combined sales, streaming, publishing and touring numbers.

1. One Direction $46 million
2. Katy Perry $30.1 million
3. Justin Timberlake $27.9 million
4. Billy Joel $27.2 million
5. The Eagles $26.2 million
6. Luke Byran $25 million
7. Paul McCartney $23.5 million
8. George Straight $22.5 million
9. Jay Z $22 million
10. Jason Aldean $20.2 million
11. Bruno Mars $19.9 million
12. Beyonce $19.6
13. Cher $16 million
14. Miley Cyrus $16 million
15. Taylor Swift $13.6 million
16. …read more

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