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Is Stevie J. Beefing With B’ham Rapper Attitude Over Joseline?

Mediatakeout.com has got the scoop on Stevie and Joseline’s latest blow up. Apparently, Stevie J. is accusing Joseline, of cheating yet, again. But that is not the most interesting factor noted in the story. What grasped my attention immediately, was the man that Stevie accused Joseline of cheating with; the man he accused her of cheating with is none other than one of B’ham’s most noted rapper/songwriters.

In case you’re wondering who’s Attitude, Djbooth.net, summed his career up in a nutshell; Rapper and songwriter, Attitude, has signed an exclusive recording deal with Warner Bros. Records, having spent the last few years in the studio writing songs for Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Rich Boy, P. Diddy and Mya.

The veteran MC, who hails from Birmingham, Alabama, is known as one of the South’s most distinctive artistic voices and writing talents. Attitude’s debut independent album, 1997’s “Serious Times,” earned him respect as a pioneer of Birmingham’s hip-hop scene, which helped to redefine the industry’s concept of a Southern artist. Attitude, who has also made guest appearances on countless mixtapes, as well as albums by Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Bubba Sparxxx and Rich Boy, says signing with Warner Bros. gives him the opportunity to put his home state on the map.

Bham Rapper Attitude is apparently, LAHHATL’S Stevie J.’s new target.
Mediatakeout.com reported the following:

May 31, 2015: If you thought that this season of Love and Hip Hop was DRAMA FILLED up until now . . . it’s about to get a WHOLE LOT CRAZIER.

MediaTakeOut.com told you LAST WEEK, that Stevie J and Joseline BROKE UP . . . when Stevie accused his “wife” of sleeping with his son. Well the Joseline-Stevie saga just got WORSE!!

According to a TOP MTO snitch, Joseline has MOVED ON from Stevie, and her new dude is ATTITUDE – a top RECORD EXECUTIVE and a former CLOSE FRIEND of Stevie’s.

When Stevie learned about Joseline LEAVING HIM for Attitude – we’re told that Stevie CALLED HIM UP and threatened him WITH GUNPLAY. Attitude, who has REAL TIES to the streets was not at all AFRAID . . . and is still VERY MUCH with Joseline. In fact, they’re taking PICS together on Instagram – and Attitude os bragging about how good Joseline’s “CRAZY P*ZZY” is.

Oh yes, in case you’re wondering . . . the Love and Hip Hop cameras WERE THERE to capture this CRAZINESS!!