Hip Hop Bham Music Blog Joins B’ham Femcee’s (Nina Labelle and Ms. Carie) In Studio Session….

As I am sure you all have noticed; The Magic City ( Birmingham, Alabama) houses some of the best Femcee’s ever. Check out Real Rap Wives of B’ham’s own Nina LaBelle as she teams up with Free Will Records leading lady, the all so talented Ms. Carie. The two collaborated and spit bars of fire on this track. Hiphopbham was afforded the luxury of attending this hot recording session.


Just wanted to share a few pics and the track as it was laid down. The track is entitled “Life Without”. It jacks the beat of Chris Brown’s Grass Ain’t Greener; and these two ladies represented to the fullest. Check out the finished product now. For more hiphop updates follow @hiphopbham, via Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and subscribe to my youtube channel now. Like us via facebook . Don’t forget to comment, and share, share, share, follow these Hot Femcees, @Ninalabelle2479 and @mscariefwr via Instagram and on all social media.

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