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Happy 44th Birthday Tupac Shakur

The late, great Tupac Amaru Shakur turned 44 years old today. The iconic rap legend, who once spewed the lyrics “June 16, 1971, mama gave birth to a hell-raising heavenly son,” is argumentatively the greatest rapper to ever live. Tupac or 2Pac, as he is affectionately referred to at times, was a very influential icon to the Hip-Hop/Music Industry. Till this very day, many of his fans refuse to accept his untimely death. Reports of Tupac sightings, still surface.

The latest Tupac’s alive antic, occurred a few weeks ago, whena song supposedly recorded by Tupac dropped. This supposedly newly recorded dis song, aimed at some of Hip-Hops hottest artist. While,2Pac has been deceased now 18 years, his death inflicted wounds upon hip-hop that are beyond repair. Since the rappers untimely death, he has been featured in Hologram at Coachella, and featured on many artist collabs.

Fans and stars both flooded their instagrams with great pics of the and the late All Eyez On Me, rapper.

Kandi Buress instagrammed this photo of her self and Tupac.

Kandi   Buress and Tupac

Tyrese Posted a great photo of himself aside Tupac as well.