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FunkMaster Flex Claims Tupac Shot Himself…Calls Him A Liar

All hell broke loose yesterday on social media when Hot 97’s Dj FunkMaster Flex went in on Tupac during his live video. He stated that Tupac was a liar and accused him of shooting himself, and being afraid to share who actually shot him. He even blamed Tupac for the death of himself and Biggie claiming that Tupac started the entire beef by lying on Biggie. Celebrities and fans are outraged at his behavior. Rapper T.I. advised him that he shouldn’t speak on the dead because, that are not here to defend themselves, while other celebs like radio personality Charlamagne took no time chiming in on him. Charlamagne reminded everyone who Flex really is. Check out the footage now. Follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Twitter, on all other social media and subscribe to my youtube channel now.

According to XXLMag
Funkmaster Flex recently went on Instagram Live and spoke candidly about the night Tupac was shot in the leg at Quad Studios on Nov. 30, 1994. According to Flex, the West coast legend actually shot himself that evening, and was not reportedly shot by enemies, as Makaveli notoriously alluded to later on. Biggie and Puff were in the same building that night, and the shooting would go on to be a key factor in the beginning of the East coast/West coast beef.

photo source: Hot97

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