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Question: What is the Ill Philosophy?

Answer: My friends and I forever get into discusions about the state of hip hop and the
anti-intellectual atmosphere that is consistantly promoted. It seems like nothing is sacred anymore and
people will do anything for a rise. I had stopped making music in 2002 because I refused to fall into the
trap of getting into gimmicks and negative stereotypes. I was supposed to be some hip hop cowboy gangsta
thing; well to make a long story short, I refused to do this gimmick and was told I will never make it in
the business…

in 2014, a rapper (who I wont mention) came out with a song and video using Native American imagery, war bonets
and clothing. I am into native spirituality, and like most Native Americans, we were deeply offended by the song
and video. I decided to “come out of retirement” and started working on the song “The Ill Philosophy” as a Hip Hop
response to this rappers song and video. The Ill Philosophy is simply stating as said in the beginning, true warriors
are the ones who are willing to step up and be the change they wish to see in the world. (And stand by their belief)

Rather than talking about the state of hip hop and being bitter about it, I decided to get back in the lab and lead
by example. I produce my own music, and write my own lyrics; I try to keep it classic yet innovate a sound that is uncommon
and most people probably haven’t heard before, thus demonstrate that it is possible to stand out and be unique. True Hip Hop
heads will pick up on that, and recognize a bit of that “Golden Age” feel.

Question: Describe your music style?

Answer: I call my style, “Jibaro Stylee”. First and foremost I focus on drums: I start with a Hip Hop element to it, but then I
mix in lots of Salsa percusion like congas, and timbales. I try to build the song with percusion, rather than instrumentation.
On some songs like The Ill Philosophy I use ethnic flute samples for an earthy native sound, on other songs like “Aguamobagua”,
I use club synths. “Jibaro Soul” uses nylon guitars and a baby bass

I try to think of my approach as simular to how Gangstarr did it with their jazz influences, except I look to Salsa for my influences.
My favorite Salsa artist is Fruko y Sus Tesos,Joe Arroyo, Wilson Manyoma, Hector Lavoe and anything Fania related. I love the
aggressiveness of their rhythms and thats what inspires me when I make beats

Lyrically, I use a lot of multisyllabic and trick wordplay, when I assemble words. I try my hardest to make sense with what I say but
intriquite enough that you have to think about it a little. “Aguamobagua” is a good example of intriquite wordplay, and multisyllabics;
Im pretty much taking it to class with that one.

Question: How do I find your music?

Answer: “The Ill Philosophy”, “Aguamobagua” and “Jibaro Soul” are available for purchase on CDBaby. All the newer Agueybana X music can be found
on reverbnation, my older work can be found on soundcloud, pardon the sound quality. Agueybana X can be found on facebook, and also as part of the
BAP music group (Also available on facebook, soundcloud and reverbnation.) give it a listen, like and share. we will start making videos soon so
we’ll have some stuff on you tube soon

thank for your time!

Check out two hot new tracks, by Agueybana X. This first track is entitled, The Ill Philosophy

The second track is entitled, Aguamobagua, check it out now.