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Drake is Charged Up and Going In on Meek Mill….Back To Back

Rapper Drake is charge up, aimed an firing straight to the dome of Rapper Meek Mills. The Energy Rapper fired back in response to @MeekMill‘s twitter rant, claiming that he didn’t show him or his new album any support, and that the OVO/Young Money Rapper, hired a ghost writer to write 10Bands.

Quiet as it’s keep maybe Drake did hire a ghost writer for this song but there is no other rapper that could’ve even came close in spitting that song as Drake did, IJS, and I’m not sure that Drake even intended for this to be secret; clearly if he was attempting to hide this fact, he wouldn’t have given credit to the writer on the album.

Nevertheless, Drake remained quiet for a few days. I guess that was just the calm before the storm, because the internet was suddenly flooded with the release of Drake’s Charged Up (Meek Mill Diss), If you missed that one check it out here.

An now Drake has pulled out the grenades, on Back To Back; he even shot’s out Nicki Minaj, for dating just another nigga. I don’t know for sure if this is real beef between the two, but one thing is for sure, after this beef, Meek Mill has captured the attention of an entire new audience.

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