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Did You Know……There Is An Alabama Music Awards Show?

The State of Alabama, as aformentioned in prior articles like, B’ham Rapper Northside Weezy Shoots A Video With Juvenile, and Ripcord Bama Boy….Pops Back Up, houses some of the most talented artists, ever to exist. It was once stated, “no good deed, goes unwarranted, and in this case, that statements seems to hold some truth.

Alabama is now home of the Alabama Music Awards Show. According to www.alabamamusicawards.com,

The Alabama Music Awards Organization was conceived in 2012 with a mission to recognize area musicians, entertainers, journalists and entertainment professionals working on a national, regional and local levels. Its purpose is to support and nurture the musical community in the metropolitan area Birmingham as well as the state of Alabama. Award winners are determined by local musicians and music industry professionals in Alabama as well as surrounding regions.

This year the Alabama Music Awards will be held at the Carver Theatre on July. Be on the look out for your favorite artist nominations.

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