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Diamond Life’s ENT Presents I’m Tired By Goldmouth…Directed by Lil Juan Alejandro

 Diamond Life’s Ceo James GoldMouth Collins just linked up with one of the city’s hottest media moguls , none other than Get Music Media’s Ceo/ Videography, Lil Juan Alejandro for the video production of one of the hottest tracks featured on his first album Ghetto Gumbo.  (Side Note) If you’ve not explored  Ghetto Gumbo 2,  then you’re slipping, just click the link to listen to that one as well. The track is entitled, “I’m Tired”;  (Side Note),this song is so appropriate and gives great description to my frame of thought most of the time. GoldMouth is genius in conveying and delivering this emotion and message by way of song. This is what music is supposed be all about; the art of expression.  Lyrically this guy is a beast, listen to his comical rhyme’s and power punchlines, and his rips this beat. Check out the video below, please like share and comment.  For more Hip Hop Bham updates like our page via facebook, @hiphopbham via twitter, follow hiphopbham on youtube, soundclound, and via instagram.


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