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Bham’s Own Jeffrey Rowser Is The Rev. Doc

Hip-Hop is not just a music genre but, more or less, a way of life. For the most part, hip-hop albums have featured hot comedians, disc jockeys,as well as, t.v. radio personalities etc; mainly because they are extremely effective in promoting a album to all counterparts. With that being said, one of Birmingham’s hottest trendsetters comes to mind.

His name is Jeffrey Rowser, but Birmingham recognizes, the insanely funny, extremely outspoken, charismatic “Rev. Doc.” This Birmingham-Bread outgoing spirit, is a self-made comedian. In addition to being a hilarious comedian, and a decorative Marine Vet, Jeffrey boasts a plethora great accomplishments.

He was hand picked by Birmingham’s Stardome Comedy Club as an opening act, and has managed to land his very own radio talk show. The show is entitled, The Rev Doc Show, and airs every Wednesday, from 8pm-10pm, tune in here. If you’re looking for an excellent promoter, a great comedian, and an all around good spirit follow Jeffrey Rowser.

The Rev Doc. recently created a facebook group by the name of the B’Ham Tea Shop, that houses over 32,000 members to date. The recent establishment of The Rev.’s B’ham Tea Shop has led to many other spin-off Tea facebook groups for surrounding areas, and even different states. Jefferey Rowser’s leadership ability and influence over the city of Birmingham is definitely commendable. He is definitely a Birmingham Trendsetter.

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