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B’ham Femcee J. Missy On The Rise

Birmingham, Alabama’s hiphop/rap scene is one overflowing with mounds of talent; yet it remains underestimated. However, when artists are destined for greatness, there is no suffocating or silencing it.  B’ham Femcee J.Missy, quietly wandered onto the hip hop/rap  music scene just months ago, with a different yet destined demeanor, the “Two Sides of Me” lady rapper quietly crept onto the scene.

First introducing us to “Two Sides Of Her” then shaking us all with “I’m Crazy”, and now captivating us all with her latest release “Check Mate”. Check out the I’m crazy video below and listen to “Check Mate” via Soundcloud. Follow J. Missy on all social media.

Listen to Check Mate Now

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