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B’ham’s DJ’s DJ Demario (Yobabymomma’sfavoritedj) and Dj. E.J. On The Rise As Grindmadedj’s




As aforementioned, Disc Jockeys (DJ’s) are extremely important in the world of hip hop.  Not only, are they the mainstream to hip hop’s forefront, but they’re talents contribute to all counterparts thereafter.  Birmingham’s Hip Hop Scene, has greatly been influenced by two Birmingham DJ’s that certainly need no introduction to the Hip-Hop Scene, Dj Demario “YoBabbyMomma’sFavoriteDJ”  Pettway and Earnest “DJ-EJ” Maiden.


dj ej and earnest

DJ Demario has a creative yet unique mixing style, that appeals to all audiences.  Like most DJ’s, he has a natural gifted ear for music, as well as, an esteemed educational background in music. These two characteristics along with his street edge, and comical nature has catapulted his career as a disc jockey (DJ)  into overdrive. The recently crowned, Grind Made DJ, is extremely visible on Birmingham’s Hip-Hop Scene and regularly dj’s on the night life club/party circuit.  If you’re an artist on his/her way up, you may want to connect with him now  via facebook  https://www.facebook.com/djmario205.


grindmade dj's

DJ-EJ is also an extremely talented disc jockey, with an infinite amount of followers.  His comical yet blunt personality, has greatly contributed to his crafty style of disc jockeying.  Also being crowned a Grind Made DJ, DJ-EJ has been is very visible on Birmingham’s Party Scene. Promoting is another great skill possessed by DJ-EJ, his last Birthday Bash, featured performances from Hustle Gang’s Young Dro, and The Real Mr. Bigg,  and turned the city out as well. Recently, he announced that he will be hosting a party featuring  the Femcee Trina at The Palace Strip Club.  If you’re an artist who’s  looking for great exposure, you should follow these DJ’s asap.  You can contact DJ-EJ via facebook here .






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