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Welcome to Hip Hop B’ham Promo 101

How To Promote Your Music

This segment is being constructed to help the Indie Artist needing promotions. I will cover several topics that I think will be helpful for up and coming or independant artist (Indie Artist).

For starters, every artist needs a standard promotion plan.  Promotion is used to share your body of work properly; it can greatly enhance your career. It helps to create a great fan base, and potentially can help artist land great gigs, and to achieve financial freedom. Hiring a publicist is the most logical and can be the most expensive thing to do. If you can’t afford to hire a publicist full time you should consider hiring one part time for a specific project. If that is not an option, I have a step by step tutorial.

How To Be Your Own Publicist

Promotion can be quite expensive; which is the reason many forms of great talent goes unwarranted or unnoticed. While most artists struggle to receive returns on investments made towards the advancement of their music career, lets face it many of them have not acquired much funding to spend money on marketing and promotions. This segment is concentrating on the very basic forms of promotion. Every artist needs a social media outlet to become established and to gain exposure. Some of the most common platforms for exposure are facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube, hulkshare, bandcamp, reverbnation, audiomack, instagram, photobucket and pinterest.

While all of them are social media sites, they all serve different purpose. Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest are amongst the most popular. Use this to your advantage, upload your music, and be sure to copy the links to your uploads properly. Create groups and boards with your music links, and cover art, or favorite photos, so that you can establish a fan base, and network accordingly. Youtube, soundcloud, reverbnation, bandcamp, audiomack and hulkshare are all places where you can upload your music obtain links and get views. Sites like youtube implement monetization. It allows the owner of the account to get paid for their view and follow hiphopbham on all social media platforms by the way.

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Another great way to get your music out there is to follow multiple music blogs, if you’re a hip hop or rap artist follow some of the hottest hiphop blogs, and submit your music to them. Now I know you’re probably wondering, How to submit music to blogs; where there are several ways to do this. The most professional way to do this is to submit an epk, or  press release.  If you need an affordable  press release at I will  format,  post, and submit one for a great price as well. Click here for details


First you should collect an email list for the blogs you like to submit the music. Next you should copy and paste the list into your email contacts, and click compose. Your subject line should read Press Release, or what ever you think will grab the attention of the blogwriter. You should include a headshot, the cover art for whatever music you want featured, all music links, and all of your contact and social media contact info. Be sure that all of your links are working properly. Next you should attach whatever files you’d like, and send.

Stay tuned, I will be updating  and adding to this page  on the regular: and  I am including a link to a list of email addresses for hiphop blogs.


“afromonk.com” <Demos@afromonk.com>,

 allhiphop.com” <music@allhiphop.com>,

 “allhiphop.com” <videos@allhiphop.com>,

 “allindstrom.com” <info@allindstrom.com>,

 “allthingsdeluxe.com” <submissions@allthingsdeluxe.com>,

 “antisteez.com” <content@antisteez.com>,

 “argonautix.com” <info@argonautix.com>,

 “artoholiks.com” <info@artoholiks.com>,

 “baltimore-club.com” <holla@baltimore-club.com>,

 “birthplacemag.com” <newmusic@birthplacemag.com>,

 “blackyouthproject.com” <info@blackyouthproject.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <pbbt@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <submit@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <maiya@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <meezy@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <dandiggity@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <merlin@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “blindiforthekids.com” <sulaiman@blindiforthekids.com>,

 “boi-1da.net” <submissions@boi-1da.net>,

 “bombhiphop.com” <bombhiphoprecords@gmail.com>,

 “bound2hiphop.com” <submissions@bound2hiphop.com>,

 “broke2dope.com” <Submissions@broke2dope.com>,

 Buffalo Buffablog <info@buffablog.com>,

 “Chan-Lo.com” <info@chan-lo.com>,

 Chris Nelson <nels1686@gmail.com>,

 “contact@blahblahblahscience.com” <contact@blahblahblahscience.com>,

 “CougarMicrobes.com” <team@cougarmicrobes.com>,

 “crayonbeats.com” <submissions@crayonbeats.com>,

 “Cream.cz” <info@cream.cz>,

 “Cream.cz” <lukas@cream.cz>,

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