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What Is Hip Hop Bham? Hip Hop B’ham is recently established Birmingham, based blog, that is rapidly expanding into a full-fledged hip-hop platform, for up and coming, independent, as well as established artists. Comedians, choreographers, dancers, models, disc jockey’s (dj’s), radio personalities, producers, beatmakers etc.

What Is Hip-Hop Bham’s mission? Our mission is to bridge all things hip-hop to the Magic City, ( Birmingham) a.k.a B’ham, and all of its counterparts.

How can Hip-Hop Bham service me? Hip-Hop B’ham can help to promote your craft and create a name buzz around the world wide web. We are growing at a rapid pace, and expanding our audience through social media, company branding, and network sponsorship.

What Services Can Hip-Hop B’ham Provide?

Hip Hop B’ham can create a press release for your mixtape,

Post/blog a mixtape, video, or even feature an artist entire bio.

Share your work with several target groups, (projected audience of 300,000).

Create a life time permalink featuring your work on Hip- Hop Bham.

Backlink your body of work on several highly ranked blogs.
Help you gain more social media buzz/ followers.

Expose your work to well established, producers, artists, radio personalities, and socialites.

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