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Artist On Fire Alert… Check Out Hot New Artist Tru Real (Sponsored)

Hot New Rap Artist Tru Real has moved us all with his hot new music. One track, entitled “Street Stories” created quite a buzz within the music industry. Street Stories also features the talent and wits of another hiphop artist by the name of Debfresh. Az 1 Promotionz referred to Street Stories as ” realness, a reflection of the old Goodie Mob videos. Head nod beat that keeps you thinking mixed with the emcee lead vocals and chorus. It’s all about reality and from his point of view it’s all God and following true instincts. Dope video, keeps me thinking about the world I live in now.”

A story teller in his own right, the artist was crowned Trapper of the year by USA Bangerz when he dropped Larry Byrd. Larry Byrd is actually on my list of favorites at this point. The beat boasts a cocky swagger; with just enough sauce to keep get any club jumping. Check it out now.

And the latest track that features Tru Real is set to become the national twerk anthem. The track is entitled All Ass On Bounce by Debfresh, and is set to drop May 03, 2017 on all social media. Check it out now.

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