Alexis Sky Sounds Off At Moniece Slaughter, Masika, and Nia Riley

Rapper Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Sky is the latest addition to the cast of Love and Hip Hop; which was sure to create mounds of drama; simply because Fetty’s baby’s mama Masika Kalysha is also a member of the same cast. It seems that Masika Kalysha and her old cast mates have already formed an alliance to basically drive Lex out.

Social media and it’s many outlets have proven yet again to be where it all goes down. Yesterday, Alexis Sky used her facebook live to sound off at Moniece Slaughter, Masika Kalysha, and Nia Riley. Apparently, she had got wind of a conversation had in a group message where they cast members were in deep discussion about her. As a result, she went live and informed them that she is in LA to stay, she also stated that they were all jealous because she is a young boss. Apparently, this video, led to a fight between Alexis Sky and Moniece Slaughter. Later on yesterday.

According to

“Hours later Alexis ate her words because Moniece Slaughter caught her slipping in L.A after Alexis posted her location on Instagram live. Alexis posted that she won the fight but that is a lie. Moniece Slaughter pulled her out the car and caught her with a few punched and snatched her wig before Alexis’s guy friend started beating on Moniece.” For more updates, follow @hiphopbham now via Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube. Like, share, share, share, and comment.

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