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Welcome to HipHopB’ham, Birmingham’s first official hip hop blog. Formerly known as Hip Hop Blog Ham, Hip Hop B’ham, was created  August 25,2014, by me (Shae Kelly).   I am a music crazed, overzealous hip hop lover, with a profound interest in the world of entertainment, fashion, and blogging.  As a result, I’ve decided to compile a blog, showcasing  Birmingham’s most talented trendsetters.

Some of my most noted efforts are centered around yet, another blog I’ve authored entitled, http://whatisthisworldcomingto-stayfly.blogspot.com/. This blog is set on the blogger network and to date,has compiled over half  million views.

One of it’s most sought after posts, Whatisthisworldcomingto was featured and backlinked via Huffington Post. Birmingham is definitely a city in Alabama that houses some of the most talented rappers, singers, comedians, stylists, an entertainers as well.  For all things fly in the ham. Stay tuned  and support Hip Hop B’ham.

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