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Press Release…Itz True Entertainment Presents Sno A1 Yoda

Sno A1 Yoda, a.k.a. Byron Tanniehill, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, between the Pratt City, and Riley neighborhoods. He is one of the rappers of the No Luv Mafia, and has recorded solo projects like My Turn, Welcome to Birmingham (Ch.1-3), and 2 Real 4 TV. In real life, he was a college graduate, and two-time convicted felon. He currently president, and
founder of his own business and brand, Itz True Ent. Born in the early 80’s not much else is
known about his age.

 Sno A.K.A Yoda

A LEADER is some one who has the ability to inspire others to achieve tasks and goals that they might not other wise be capable of reaching…… A HUSTLER is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it. A HUSTLER is not lazy he’s consistently out earning money. He gets the money by using his smarts and out-cunning everyone out there.

Sno with Rapper Scarface

A HUSTLER has ambition and a more serious approach to life then that of a gangsta or a pimp. He’s more mature, and doesn’t necessarily carry a gun. It can apply to any race, and it’s the way you uphold and carry yourself….. A POET indirectly stating what you mean or directly stating something that parallels what you really mean. Adding depth and making the readers or listeners use their wit through parallels in indirect examples allows for powerful connections and is characterized as poetic writing. Commonly created by patience in organization and witty connections…. Thru GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT…. I AM ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!…. ITZ TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this new music by Sno A1 Yoda below now.

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