Naughty By Nature’s Treach Call’s His Ex-Wife Pepa “An Old School Rat”

Social media has really bridged the gap between celebs and their fans. However, social media has also become a platform for voices to be heard. Last night Instagram, Facebook and twitter was lit as one of hip-hop’s pioneers would be that voice. Rapper/Actor Treach of the legendary rap group Naughty By Nature slammed his ex-wife Pepa, (of the legendary group Salt-N-Pepa )via Instagram. All hell broke loose on Treach’s Instagram wall, as he posted a great photo of the two of them coupled up with a caption that read


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Hip Hop Bham Music Blog Joins B’ham Femcee’s (Nina Labelle and Ms. Carie) In Studio Session….

As I am sure you all have noticed; The Magic City ( Birmingham, Alabama) houses some of the best Femcee’s ever. Check out Real Rap Wives of B’ham’s own Nina LaBelle as she teams up with Free Will Records leading lady, the all so talented Ms. Carie. The two collaborated and spit bars of fire on this track. Hiphopbham was afforded the luxury of attending this hot recording session.


Just wanted to share a few pics and the track as it was laid down. The track is entitled “Life Without”. It jacks the beat of Chris Brown’s Grass Ain’t Greener; and these two ladies represented to the fullest. Check out the finished product now. For more hiphop updates follow @hiphopbham, via Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and subscribe to my youtube channel now. Like us via facebook ...

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Hot New Producer Alert….Lescudi ~ Baby What’s Good by LA Rod(Prod.By Lescudi) (Sponsored)

If you’re looking for a hot producer; “Lescudi got beats.” Check out this hot new single off of LA Rod’s hot new EP also produced by Lescudi. The EP is entitled Young Prodigy. The track is entitled, Baby What’s Good by LA Rod. This is just one of the many hot new tracks produced by Lescudi. Follow Lescudi and listen to Baby What’s Good by LA Rod via soundcloud now. Purchase a hot beat now via sound cloud or simply through email at For more updates, follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Twitter, and subscribe to my youtube channel now photo source:

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Wayment!!! Is Wacka Flocka’s Wife Tammy Calling Him Out On Her New Track?

Rapper Wacka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera are certainly no strangers to drama. This past week was filled with mounds of drama, as the couple has appeared all over the net with the drama over the #lahhatl star’s daughter Charlie and her biological baby’s father. A few days ago Tammy posted a snippet of her singing along to her very own recorded track. The song has a few lines that led people to speculate that the reality t.v. star just might be talking to her husband. Check out the video below. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via instagram, twitter, pinterest, soundcloud, and subscribe to my youtube channel now.

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Hot New Twerk Anthem…All Ass On Bounce by Debfresh featuring Tru Real (Sponsored)

As Aforementioned in my prior post, Artist On Fire, Tru Real is a hot new artist whom seems to be spitting fire on the regular. His latest endeavor is a monster feature on Debfresh’s hot new twerk anthem entitled ” All Ass On Bounce. This track is set to officially release to all social media on May, 03,2017. Check out the preview here.

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Artist On Fire Alert… Check Out Hot New Artist Tru Real (Sponsored)

Hot New Rap Artist Tru Real has moved us all with his hot new music. One track, entitled “Street Stories” created quite a buzz within the music industry. Street Stories also features the talent and wits of another hiphop artist by the name of Debfresh. Az 1 Promotionz referred to Street Stories as ” realness, a reflection of the old Goodie Mob videos. Head nod beat that keeps you thinking mixed with the emcee lead vocals and chorus. It’s all about reality and from his point of view it’s all God and following true instincts. Dope video, keeps me thinking about the world I live in now.”

A story teller in his own right, the artist was crowned Trapper of the year by USA Bangerz when he dropped Larry Byrd. Larry Byrd is actually on my list of favorites at this point...

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New Music…Montrell ‘Youngn’ Towns “Losses” (Official Video) Dir. By KENXL aKENXLfilm aKENXLfilm

Hot new music from Birmingham’s Own Montrell “Youngn” Towns. The track entitled “Losses” was produced by Hoodzone and the official video was directed by KenXL. Check it out now. Like, share and comment. For more updates follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Youtube. Follow Montrell “Youngn” Towns via facebook and @montrell_youngn_towns via Instagram.

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GladiaCoin Review (Sponsored)

GladiaCoin Review
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Bitcoin has successfully turned the dreams of business-minded individuals in this world into reality...

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New Music…Check Out Blue Skies by Jiro (Sponsored)

BPENT youngest in charge, Jiro, is on a mission. The Black Pearl artist is following in the footsteps of his older brother, Yung Ro. They just completed Jiro’s EP due out Fall 2K17. Blue Skies is the first single which Jiro filmed his new video to.

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Rapper Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Star Gifts Baby Girl Khari “A Baby Bentley”

Rapper Fetty Wap and Love and Hip Hop Star Masika Kalyshia created quite the social media buzz this weekend. The two united and threw a baby bash out of this world for their little girl, Little Miss Khari Barbie. The theme was perfectly constructed as the pair chose Barbie frames, and created a star stellar event for their adorable one year old.

Masika and Fetty Snap it up with the adorable Khari Barbi

Khari Barbie’s star stella event proved to be a great success as the pair gifted the one year old with her very own Baby Bentley, had a cake fight, snapped it up in great photo booths; Fetty Wap even gave his daughter the first dance. Check out the hot footage now below. For more hip hop news, follow @hiphopbham via Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, and youtube. Like us on facebook, a...

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